06/2022 Our paper titled “NucleoMap: a computational tool for identifying nucleosomes in ultra-high resolution contact maps” was accepted for publication on PLOS Computational Biology. Congratulations to Yuanhao and Bingjiang!

05/2022 Our paper titled “Characterizing collaborative transcription regulation with a graph-based deep learning approach” was accepted for publication on PLOS Computational Biology. Congratulations to Zhenhao and Fan!

04/2022 Our paper titled “Connecting high-resolution 3D chromatin organization with epigenomics” is published on Nature Communications. Congratulations to Fan, Yuan, David and Xiaotian!

10/2021 Our collaborative work with Dr. Xiaotian Zhang “3’HS1 CTCF binding site in human β-globin locus regulates fetal hemoglobin expression” is published on eLife.

09/2021 Together with Dr. Welch, I will teach a new course BIOINF593/EECS598-011 Machine Learning in Computational Biology.

08/2021 Together with Lana, Josh and Smita, we organized a workshop on machine-learning methods for single-cell analysis (

07/2021 Three graduate students Linghua Jiang, Zheyu Zhang, and Yicheng Tao joined the lab.

04/2021 scHiCTools paper was accepted for publication in PLOS Computational Biology. Congratulations to Xinjun, Fan, Hongxi and Wai Yan.

04/2021 Shuze Wang’s work was published on Genome Research

03/2021 Sean Moran decided to join the lab after his rotation. Welcome, Sean!

10/2020 Zhenhao Zhang joined the lab and entered BIOINFO PhD program after finishing his master of IOE. Welcome, Zhenhao!

09/2020 Liu Lab received the NHGRI Innovator Award (R35) to develop deep learning approaches to understand the relationship between chromatin state features and chromatin organization.

09/2020 Liu Lab received NIH Pilot Projects Enhancing Utility and Usage of Common Fund Data Sets Award (R03) to build a database for high-resolution chromatin contact maps and human genetic variants.

08/2020 Congratulations to Yuanhao who passed his prelim exam.

04/2020 Congratulations to past trainees, Yufeng Zhang, Mingyu Du, Yujuan Fu, Zheyu Zhang and Yijiao Qin, who were admitted to competitive graduate programs in U-M, UC-Irvine, UW, Georgia Tech, CMU.

12/2019 Congratulations to Fan and Shuze who passed their prelim exams.

11/2019 Jie formally joined 4DN Consortium as an associate member.

09/2019 Master student, Yuanhao Huang, joined the lab and transferred to DCMB PhD program.

05/2019 Two DCMB PhD students, Fan Feng and Shuze Wang, joined the lab.

01/2019 Liu Lab officially started in the Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics at the University of Michigan.